Founded by Sandro Muschio in the mid-80s after twenty years of experience in the construction of cylinders, for the past 30 years ALTER has been synonymous with quality, safety and innovation in the production of hydraulic cylinders.


A company that provides the right solution in any area requiring hydraulic movement, from earth moving to drilling machines, presses, cranes, agricultural machinery, as well as applications in the maritime and railway industry.

Research and Development

The constant search for new processing methods and advanced technologies allows ALTER to live up to the expectations of an increasingly demanding and competitive international market. Flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing market conditions make the company an industry leader in handling a variety of requests and meeting highly specific needs.


ALTER covers a production area of ​​3,500 square meters to the south of Verona and employs a staff of 21 people working in technical, sales and purchasing departments and in the production team. Cylinders are created and assembled using top quality components, sourced exclusively from Italy and Europe.

Quality Control

The quality of ALTER branded products is guaranteed by carefully controlling the entire production process, selecting certified materials, and having each item rigorously tested by highly skilled technicians. ALTER also uses cutting-edge systems in the final testing phase, as cylinders undergo thorough inspections carried out with the most innovative control technologies.


Sandro Muschio
Marianna Muschio
Sales Manager
Martino Muschio
Office Manager

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