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Founded by Sandro Muschio in the mid-80s after twenty years’ experience in the construction of hydraulic cylinders, for the past 30 years ALTER has been synonymous with quality, safety and innovation in the production of hydraulic cylinders. Sandro Muschio is still the owner of Alter, helped by his son Martino for the technical department and his daughter Marianna for the commercial department.

A company that provides a solution in any area requiring hydraulic movement, from earth moving to drilling machines, presses, cranes, agricultural machinery, as well as applications in the maritime and railway industry.

In 2001 ALTER obtained the RINA quality certificate of the ISO 9001:2008 management system, the EN ISO 15614-1 (WPQR) qualification for the welding process, and, more specifically, the UNI EN ISO 15609 (WPS) qualification for specific welding procedures as well as the UNI EN 287/1.07 and UNI EN 1418.99 qualification for welding personnel.



Always attentive to the needs of customers, ALTER has enhanced its equipment with the most exclusive and advanced control systems. The automatic test bench, the latest innovation introduced by the company, uses and manages different types of oils certifying the contamination level of oil outputs according to specific benchmarks. Connecting the bench to the corporate network makes it possible to save data and automatically manage test certificates, which are made available to customers for each order placed.