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The quality of ALTER branded products is guaranteed by carefully controlling the entire production process, selecting certified materials, and having each item rigorously tested by highly skilled technicians. ALTER also uses cutting-edge systems in the final testing phase: cylinders undergo thorough inspections carried out with the most innovative control technologies.

The life of each cylinder is documented and filed from start to finish, from receiving the offer request to printing the serial number before shipping.

All the certificates regarding the materials are saved and can be requested at any time, moreover our production quality system provides for a “MANUFACTURING PLAN” signed by each worker who produced or checked them.

Dimensional control: measurement and inspection of the individual components during pre-assembly
Final hydraulic test:  test carried out on the finished product according to customer’s requirements.



Always attentive to the needs of customers,  ALTER has enhanced its equipment with the most exclusive and advanced control systems. The automatic test bench, the latest innovation introduced by the company, uses and manages different types of oils certifying the contamination level of oil outputs according to specific benchmarks. Connecting the bench to the corporate network makes it possible to save data and automatically manage test certificates, which are made available to customers for each order placed.