• Municipal Vehicles

    Cylinders will be assembled on flushing-Vacuuming and Water recycling machines.
  • Railway Industry

    Cylinders for all types of machinery suitable for rail transport.
  • Automatic Press Brakes

    Automatic hydraulic press brakes, with benders for very thick materials.
  • Compacting Presses

    Compacting presses for all volume reduction requirements.
  • Marble Processing Equipment

    Equipment for marble and granite slabs, frames and cutters.
  • Earthmoving Equipment

    Excavators and mini-excavators, bulldozers, levellers, motorised scrapers and dredges, attachments and accessories.
  • Demolition

    Demolition shears, hydraulic breakers, crushers and crusher buckets.
  • Drilling

    Drilling equipment and systems, pile drivers, trenchers.
  • Maritime Industry

    Cylinders for hydraulic gangways, steering systems and customised products.
  • Front and Side Lifting

    Lifting machinery, cranes and mobile cranes, handling equipment and accessories.
  • Agriculture

    Driving machines, self-propelled operating machinery (mounted or trailed), and farm trailers.